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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Watch, Listen and be informed...

A gadget to watch, sing to and never ignore...

If you are anything like my flatmate and enjoy exercising your vocal cords in the shower to some "Leaving on a jet plane" or "Billy Jean" (without the laminated words stuck to the shower wall). You definitely need a shower radio... If only for the sanity of your flatmate(s)\neighbours. If you are also inclined to be 10 mins late for everything because you love a good long shower, like me. You definitely need a clock in the shower too.

Now this little gadget solves both these problems, but I can hear you screaming: "What's new!!". Well. You tell me how many times you have jumped out of the shower to the the irritating noise of you phone ringing, to run half naked down the corridor dripping water all over the place to get to the phone and find out its your mother calling you to remind you to put out the garbage for collection today. AAAAAAAAAARRRGH...!

This little gadget is packed with a surprise of note. Caller ID. Now can check if its your secret lover phoning and run for the phone before your other half gets to it or your boss and just ignore it. I have tried to find a UK vendor, but could only find this American website selling it. Hope to see it over here soon.


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