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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Best Movie Scenes - Dogfight

I was recently asked, what the best scene in a movie ever. And the numbnut that asked me actually expected me to come up with answer right there and then to the all time greatest scene EVER, so that he can probably just come up with a better one 10 secs later and take all the glory in the group.

Now there is no such thing as a best scene. All our half educated movie lovers know that, but what I am gonna do is dig out a few categories and over the next few weeks find the my favorite scene by category.

To kick off.. I chose the action genre. And in particular a good old all American airforce dogfight. Nothing better in than (except maybe p*rn) to get the heartrate shooting through the roof and feeling like you have been strapped in a jet fighter yourself.

The scene I am referring to ins at the start of the movie "Behind Enemy Lines". The director did a great job here to get you interested in sitting all the way through this film, that looses almost all speed after this scene and crawls to and end. But you have to give them credit for this scene. Getting the Saffa Dude No. 1 spot in the Fighter Pilot (Dogfight) category, even though they get shot down. Its just B..E..A..Utiful to watch.

Here is the clip...


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