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Friday, May 19, 2006

Bike with Baalz...

Firstly, all apologies for the lack of posts lately. I have now recovered from my vegestative, bloggers block state and back with avengence, with some schweet surprizes. Watch this space..

To kickstart (pun intended) the Saffa Dude's spot again: In the words of Borat (our Kazchstani friend) WOW-WOW-WIE-WA. I want one, I want two, Dammit give me a dozen. This offroad bike dubbed "BAAL" is a concept entered into the MichellinChallange Design. Still just a concept, but as soon as this goes to market, it will definitely feature in the Saffa Dude's - Must Have's section.

" It is based on a bendable rubber track that guarantees maximum traction as well as freely changeable directions. To make the handling more comfortable and interesting, the vehicle is steered by hands and feet

The displayed models use 500 ccm ATV Motor which are already mass produced. In general, this engine concept makes many different terms of use possible. In this case, two of them were further developed.

Baal uses the engine concept and its unbeatable off road advantages as a race device. Made for professional riders, it has a very light body and a broad handlebar. This concept could take part in rallies Paris-Dakar or the Baja races. "

As I said, Sign Me Up for a dozen...

Saffa Dude

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