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Monday, May 08, 2006

Day of Glory - Forever

Yes, my friends. We all asked for it and now its here (well nearly).

Cricket South Africa has announced that they will be releasing a DVD of that gargantuan game of cricket that was played between the Proteas and Aus on 12 March 2006 (or "12/3 - The day of reckoning" as I like to refer to it). Now you can re-live every ball-crunching moment of the match, with some 20-20 action thrown in on as well. This time however you can enjoy the B E A Utiful batting in its full glory, without crying or jumping around (still optional), pausing to grab another beer...

The DVD will be available in shops 22 May and also on

And please make sure that you are watching this when your Aussie mates come over for a quick visit (although this might result in a retraction of that invite to that free holiday in Aus). I have already ordered Ricky a copy...

Live the dream, over and over and over and over again...

Saffa Dude

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