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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dream Holiday

You might have noticed the Saffa being a little blog lite lately. Well here is why...

So The Saffa decided to go on a holiday in Alexandra. He searched high and low for a good deal on a lastminute booking. Scouring the Internet and phoning every imaginable travel agent but he finally got this –5* hotel. Never would he imagine that a place like this existed. A dream holiday indeed…

Here are the pics of this once in a lifetime visit hotel (if you drift my meaning…)

I still have dreams (if that is what i should call them) about dodging bullets while having tea on the balcony...

But beyond the murdering and plundering going on all around The Saffa considers him lucky being a temporary resident here, cause notable residents and ex-residents of Alexandra include:

Nelson Mandela
Zanele Mbeki (wife of President Thabo Mbeki)
Mark Mathabane (Tennis player and author of the autobiography Kaffir Boy).
Samora Machel (former Mozambiquan President)
Alfred Nzo (South African Minister of Foreign Affairs 1994-1999)
Joe Modise (South African Minister of Defence 1994-1999)
Hugh Masekela (musician and trumpeter)


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