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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not the daddy...

This video clip of a guy finding out that he is not the father of some ho's kid, after DNA testing, is a must watch. Now this is how you celebrate... Watch and enjoy.

I think this is what Zuma felt like on the inside walking out of that courtroom yesterday. The only down side (for him) to him getting off is that he will never be able to become President. Spending time in the slammer is one of the prerequisite's for become the RSA Chief in Command, isn't it? If so, then ET is on up on you old boy and he also doesn't have to go for a test in a few months time. The Zuma camp is probably cheering that he doesn't get off so easy in the upcoming fraud trial.

Aquila has also brought us this one from the desk of the Madam and Eve creators. Chuck for President!!!!

Saffa Dude

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