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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Round the world trip for a Cash Machine

G'day peeps. I feel like sharing this one.

As you know I am reside in London town and I earn my cash, in a part of town called Holborn (pronounced Ho'burn). Well... Yesterday, around 1pm I decide to do my daily sandwich run. Relishing the opportunity to catch some of this weird thing everybody has been talking about. I think they call it sunshine (or something like that), that I still believe this is just a myth in London. But let me not deviate from the essence of the story.

To buy my beloved sandwich I need somefinc called cash. Now, I have heard that this "cash" can be obtained at, what is called a "cash machine". Great, I can already taste the chicken, ham and cheese toasted chiabata... I am ready to go.

One Problem: I don't know where the nearest "cash machine" is. But hey, this is the digital age where you can find anything on the net. I hop over to my trusty Barclays website and within a few clicks I am at the "
Branch and cash machine locator". I select "Barclays/Woolwich cash machine" and type in "Holborn" in the "London street" section and slam that "Next" button quicker than Latvian can get a pub job.

The list of results pop up immediately (I love my broadband). And you think that would be it. I am off to go get a my lunch.

Second problem: See if you can spot it.

You got it! 14,913.8 Miles to the nearest cash machine. I bet this site has already booked me a ticket on BA and check me in on there online check in system.

After recovering from shock me colleague told me there is one just up the street. And its definitely not 14,000+ miles away. The sweet relief... Allegedly Barclays have hooked up with Multimap on this and Multimap is to blame.

You'll be happy to know that I did get my sandwich and I dint have to travel to Antigua to get the cash. Although that might have been a good trip.


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