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Monday, December 01, 2008

Online picture viewing made less cumbersome with Cooliris

Here at SD we view a lot of photos online. Whether its Facebook, Google Images, Flickr, or some random art from the various websites like deviantArt. My one gripe has always been the waiting time for pictures to load while you scroll from one page of thumbnails to the next.

Cooliris brings us the solution. It mimics the idea of Microsofts Photosynth project of displaying the pictures you want to see as a scrollable and zoomable wall.

Cooliris has been around for a while (now version 1.9) and I have using it for about 4 months. It works as a neat little plug-in to your web browser (Firefox or IE) that will add a icon to any a picture on any Cooliris enabled website (which are most of the ones you use). Clicking the icon takes you to full screen view of a wall of the pictures affiliated with the one clicked on (i.e. Facebook album, Google Image search, etc.). From here you can easily scroll through the pictures open them in the web browser and generally just muck about.

They have a code you can embed on your website with links to you Flickr photos or any RSS picture feed. Below is an example of a random Flickr feed.

To find out more and install this free plug-in go to Cooliris' Website.

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