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Monday, December 08, 2008

Switzerland joins Schengen Visa Scheme

SD's friends in the travel industry have alerted me to the fact that the list of countries that South Africans can travel visa free has shrunken by one. And its a European favourite.

From 12th December 2008, Switzerland will become part of the Schengen visa scheme, and those usually requiring a Schengen visa will no longer be able to enter with their residency status alone (as is currently the case). Those entering Switzerland prior to 12th December may still enter on the existing residency rule.

For those travelling in the holiday season between 12th Dec 08 – 5th Jan 09, the Embassy are currently issuing visas valid for Switzerland only. These applicants must be travelling by air to Switzerland only, and not already holding a valid Schengen visa. The Embassy recommends if you have a client wishing to travel between these dates who will require a visa, they should apply as soon as possible.

We have been informed by the Embassy that submission for Swiss visas will be by personal application only, by appointment. If you are in London this can be arranged by calling 09065 771222. There is no current indication how far ahead appointments are being made. Once submitted, if all requirements have been met and the applicant is not referred, processing will take 2 working days.

Another one bites the dust....


sadananda said...

we are having SCHENGEN VISA issued by Italian Embassy, Mumbai,India on 24.10.2008 upto 24.12.2008 And presently staying at Udine, Italy.
Can we visit Switzerland by train between 12th December and 23rd december,2008,

MOHAMMED said...

I am having SCHENGEN VISA issued by german consulate, chennai,India on 02.02.2009 upto 03.03.2009
Can i visit Switzerland by train between 02 february and 27 february 2009