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Monday, January 25, 2010

Edgy Tracks...

I have spent some time in SA lately and really enjoyed the new music coming from the motherland. There's some brutally edgy stuff that will give goosebumps if you pay attention close enough...


One of the things that grief me about SA is the state of Afrikaans music. Lets be honest, its ballad after ballad by some Boerseun that cant decide if he wants to fix his volla or eat his baby chocolates... argggg

Now There are loads of very creative afrikaans people around. Some of the best art in SA is by Afrikaans people and they cant be denied the status of a creative nation.

But through it all, you find a gem here and there. I was introduced a while ago to the musical ramblings of one Jack Parow as a joke, but the more I listen and read up about the music and the people associated with this artist I find the music and lyrics are much closer to the way the youngn's speak and act and enjoy their lives.

Where was this when I was at varsity?

One of my fav's is Die Heuwels Fantasties. Especially their collaboration with Jack Parow on the "Die Vraagstuk" track.

Listen to it here if you do not know it yet...

More please...!

I'll share some more of my favourite saffa created tracks in the coming weeks...

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