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Friday, May 05, 2006

Cry Baby Flea - RHCP

Some have you might have noticed the link to Amazon to buy the new RHCP's album Stadium Arcadium in my Must Have's Section. After reading some news today that apparently, some random numbnut has leaked the album on the net before its release next Monday 8th May and Flea's (aka Michael Balzary) emotional (pathetic girl like) plea for people not to download it, I am tempted to remove this link. I have been a keen supporter of this band since I have been knee-high to a lingerie model, but this is one step to far.

I cannot and will never condone the illegal downloading of any music, video, etc. I am just so disappointed that the the best rock bassist known to man can go on like a 5 year old girl that has lost her skipping rope... wtf? You have to read it for yourself
here, but I have copied some extracts for your entertainment...

"that's not very nice
if you down load it now off one of these file sharing sites you will be getting a pale imitation of the record it will be of the poor sound quality of the technique they used to get it on there and
that will break my heart
it will break john frusciante's heart
it will break anthony kiedis's heart and
it will break the heart of chad smith"

He then goes on to admit that there are more (business) reasons for his lame plea to the real RHCP's fans...

"and it is sad to me for the business reasons of course"

And the clincher at the end...

"yes, it is stealing from us, and that is lame
everyone has to live with their own conscience on that one
let it be your guide
but to take a version that has been defiled sound wise
a version in which some idiot has taken our year and a half of soul
baring work and pissed all over it that will break our hearts "

I for have already pre-ordered my copy and old Michael, John, Anthony and Chad don't have to worry about me stealing their souls and "pissing all over it". Don't worry old boy. The search party for your bollocks will be back soon. Once all that lovely green bills come flooding from us poor little law abiding citizens of RHCP land.

For those of you in the UK. They will be screening "Red Hot Chili Peppers live at Alcatraz!" on MTV 6th, 7th May 8pm, 5pm and keep an eye open for the upcoming gigs this summer all over the UK (if you can still get tickets), you will not regret seeing these guys live.

Enjoy, and please buy the album. We don't wants Flea's mommy calling our parents and getting us grounded...


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