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Friday, May 05, 2006


Here we are at the end of sweating out another backbreaking four day week. And to celebrate the coming of two days of glorious weekend, here is something that has to make every man smile. And if it doesn't, we'll send out a search party for your marbles...

As some of you might already know. Our beloved
Kelly Brook stars in a new movie titled THREE. Apart form the corny tagline "Three arrive. Only two survive." this is what one reviewer had to say on the IMDb website:

"This movie was much better than I was expecting. You know, late-night cable cheesecake movie, and it's true that the spectacular Kelly Brook spends almost all of her screen time in a tiny white bikini, gets naked and has very hot sex with abandon with both of her costars. And the wretched soundtrack certainly fits the genre. But the acting of the whole cast rises above the material. Kelly Brook delivers a very solid and believable performance, and Billy Zane completely nails his part in a deeply human and nuanced tour de force. Perfect stealth date movie--good enough for a woman to enjoy it as a drama, and yet so hot she'll want to jump your bones as soon as it's over."

Although it might be a movie for the DVD collection I am strangely tempted to go and oogle at a 15ft Kelly at the cinema.

Here is another little link for you guys that have to much time to waste...


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