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Friday, May 12, 2006

New Zealand up for Sale on Ebay

In my days, I have seen some healthy and unhealthy Kiwi / Aussie rivalry. But this has to take the cake.

Alledgedly, this Aussie bloke from Brisbane tried to sell New Zealand on ebay. Ebay put a stop to the sale, but you have to give it to this guy for having balls and pronouncing to the world that he hates Kiwi's.

The add has been taken off with the price standing at $3050 and was titled "New Zealand: Slightly Used". The seller goes on to say on the add "Its no longer required", "Comes with heaps of sheep", "Very ordinary weather" and my personal favorite "The dogiest American Cup win ever".

Whoever you are "mate", I will not leave my house for a few few days and not cross that border ever in my life again.

Watch the ONENews report here.

Do you guys think there is any way Ebay will allow us to offload Mogabe, not that I think we'll get much.

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