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Friday, May 12, 2006

Russian Model's "Blonde" Moment

This poor little Russian model (Tatyana Simanava), mistook the emergency exit on a coach in NY for the facilities door and fell straight out of the bus, nearly landing under the weels.

The poor kitten's shoulder, arm and face took a bit of a trashing that "would put her carreer on hold for a bit". This just goes to show why every beatiful girl always has a posse of mingers hanging with them. It's to check signs, explain the instructions on packaging, etc.

Although the utter ignoramus like behaviour should be treated with no compassion at all, I cannot help but to take another look at the picture and my hart bleeds...

I will be starting the "Help Tatyana Get Better (at reading) Fund" next week. Any donations of books for 2-5 year olds welcome.


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