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Saffa Dude

Monday, December 15, 2008

Return of the Blog

It's safe to say that Saffa Dude is officially up and running again (although let's call it a light jog for now). After a bit of a hiatus, the blog has been brought back, with a new layout nog al (we hope you like it).

Going forward, with the help of a couple contributors, we hope to explore even more avenues of laid-back, humorous drivel and egomaniacal opinion - all with the aim of tickling your funnier bones, even if only for a few minutes each week.

After all, Saffa Dude is committed to pumping out the same chilled-out vibe that we cultivate in our own lives and spreading it to others. We do enjoy a good chuckle as much as the next man (we probably enjoy a good alcoholic beverage more than him too). So it is that we feel the need to share these thoughts with you.

It's here for your entertainment. Take what you will!

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