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Monday, January 12, 2009

England sack 'The Ego'

Nothing fills me with more warmth and all-round well-being than Kevin Pietersen being put in his place. And the English Cricket Board has done that this week!

A crisis emerged in England's management when reports surfaced that the new captain did not see eye-to-eye with coach Peter Moores. Pietersen, as his ego demands, stated that either Moores had to go or he would... And the ECB's response was priceless: 'Nobody gives us ultimatums, on yer bike son.'

I don't know what it will take for old KP to learn that he's not bigger than the game, but let's hope those lessons are extremely painful! The man is a first class twat. Of course the minute you moan about him the English stress to point out that we are just jealous that he's not playing for SA. Hmm.. All I can say is that if he were currently playing for the Proteas, I'd be facing an awful conundrum on whether to continue to give my support to the team. At times, let's face it, even Graeme Smith is a but much to stomach. Whilst arrogance does seem to be a useful tool in world cricket, just look at how well the Aussies exploit it, I think there are times, plenty of times, when the players should just shut up and let their talent do the talking.

My opinion is that yes the guy has talent. But he is too full of himself and is obviously not a team player. Basically he's a knob. And while we are on the subject, he claims that he left South Africa because he had been unfairly treated by the Quota System. Yet if you look at the fact that his debut for Nottinghamshire was at age 21 and he never looked back from there, what exactly was he expecting at home at that young age? Obviously if the talent was there he would have worked his way onto the national scene, but you have to earn your stripes when you live in a country ripe with talent. No, that was too much for The Ego. He preferred to get three lions tattooed to his arm – as if that proves anything other than how much of a tool you are.

I'm sure England and its fans will be quick to forgive him for once again showing off what a knob he is, after all he's their only genuine hope with the bat! But, it's nice to see that even they can cut him down to size.

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Contributed by: The Pink Salmon

1 comment:

6000 said...

I was halfway through the article and getting more and more confused. Then I realised it wa about Kevin Pietersen and not Graeme Smith.
You know, "ego", "knob", "ego", "first class twat" etc etc...
You can see why I found it difficult to work it out.

Anyway, KP will hopefully be back. And leading us to another whitewash of the woeful Proteas ODI team...